Books (selected)

Africa's Silk Road: China's and India's New Economic Frontier    

From Disintegration to Reintegration: The Former Soviet Union in International Trade

China's Management of Enterprise Assets: The State As Shareholder

Building Market Institutions in the Balkans

Natural Gas Markets After Deregulation

Unleashing Russia's Business Potential: Evidence From The Regions

Meeting The Challenge of Chinese Enterprise Reform

Economic Liberalization and Integration Policy

Case By Case Privatization in The Russian Federation

Policy Options for Reform of Chinese State-Owned Enterprises


Articles in Professional Journals (selected)

"Emerging Markets: Opportunities and Risks"  Private Directors Association

"Corruption and Policy: Back to the Roots"  Journal of Policy Reform

"China and India Go to Africa: New Deals in the Developing World"   Foreign Affairs

"GATS: The WTO’s Agreement on International Trade and Investment in Services"  The World Economy

"The Social Cost of Imported Oil"   Energy Policy

"Reducing Structural Dominance and Entry Barriers in Russian Industry" Review of Industrial Organization

"The Drilling Gap in Non-OPEC Developing Countries: The Role of Contractual and Fiscal Provisions"  Natural Resources Journal

"The Business(es) of the Chinese State" The World Economy

"Liberalizing International Trade in Telecommunications Services"  Columbia Journal of World Business

"First-Mover" Investment Advantages in Sub-Saharan Africa”  CESifo Forum

"How Natural is Monopoly? The Case of Bypass in Natural Gas Distribution Markets"   Yale Journal on Regulation

"Do Labor Strategies Matter? The Case of China"  International Journal of the Economics of Business

Competition and Business Entry in Russia”  Finance and Development

“Seeds of Corruption: Do Market Institutions Matter?”  Journal of Transition Economies

 "More Resilient Than Meets the Eye: Africa and the Global Economic Crisis"  African Analyst Quarterly

 "International Trade and Investment in Services: The NAFTA"   The International Lawyer

 “The Distribution of Foreign Direct Investment in China”  The World Economy

 "Is Russia Restructuring? New Evidence on Job Creation and Destruction" Journal of Economic Planning

 "Labor Flexibility, Ownership and Firm Performance in China"  Review of Industrial Organization

 “Connecting Africa and Asia”  Finance and Development

 “Social Costs of Natural Gas Market Rigidities”   Resources for the Future

 "Where Has All the Foreign Investment Gone in Russia?"  World Bank Policy Papers

 "The Chinese State as Corporate Shareholder"  Finance and Development