Welcome to the Personal Website of Harry G. Broadman

On this site you will find up-to-date information pertaining to my career and various professional activities, which, over the last couple of decades, have been primarily in the private sector. 

Currently, I'm CEO and managing partner of an emerging markets transaction advisory firm, whose clients are C-suites and boards of U.S. and non-U.S. public, private, and sovereign investment entities.  I also serve as an independent director on several corporate boards.  I'm often called on to serve as an expert witness testifying in complex cases on matters related to international corporate finance and compliance, trade and investment disputes, antitrust and regulation, and economic damages valuation.  I am an active keynote speaker and a regular columnist on global business for three outlets.

Earlier, I was an executive in the private equity industry; in international finance; and founded and led a global business strategy management consulting practice in a Big Four professional services firm.

Prior to my years in the private sector, I was as a senior White House economic policy official; U.S. trade negotiator; and U.S. Senate committee professional staff member.  I've also held posts at various think thinks and as a faculty member at several universities.

I'm the author of multiple books and numerous professional articles.

My formal training is as an economist with my undergraduate degree from Brown University and my Ph.D. from the University of Michigan.



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I can be reached most easily through email: harry@harrygbroadman.com