Dr. Broadman is a Partner, Managing Director and Chair of the Emerging Markets Practice at the Berkeley Research Group LLC (BRG) and on the faculty at Johns Hopkins University.

He provides litigation expert witness services—testimony, depositions, analytical reports, data analysis and policy assessments—for cases involving:

  • international trade and investment transaction disputes and investor-state arbitration

  • domestic and international antitrust and competition policy

  • national security regulation of foreign investment (CFIUS) and export controls

  • sovereign multilateral and regional trade agreements (WTO, NAFTA) and sovereign bilateral investment treaties (BITs)

  • import tariffs/duties and damages valuation

  • corporate governance, shareholder rights, CSR initiatives and ESG ratings

  • corruption remedies and compliance (FCPA/UK Anti-Bribery Act)

  • economic regulation of infrastructure services

Below is Dr. Broadman’s Litigation Expert CV. To see his full Academic CV with detailed publications, go back to the subsequent tab Litigation Expert/Academic CV header above.


Copy of Litigation Expert CV is Below

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